Miguelito's Ice Cream Premium

As a wholesaler of soft serve ice cream machines and its premixes, we supply only the best for our franchises.

Our ice cream premix uses the finest ingredients to bring out the flavors in our delectable soft serve, with

its creamy consistency and sweet taste. We have a wide assortment of flavors that you can choose from.

Ice Cream Premixes Flavour Premium
Miguelitos Cone Black Forest
Milkshake Premixes Bubble Gum
Beverages Premixes Buko Pandan
Palamig Premixes Cappucino
Bakery Product Cheese
Seasoning Mix Choco Fudge
Bakery Product Chocolate
Syrup and Dips More Flavours

Ice Cream Boy

Ice Cream Boy premix has the same premium quality as the Miguelito’s Ice Cream Premixes. It also has an

array of different flavors, but introduces the classic ones that we’ve come to know and love.

Flavour Classic Flavour Classic
Black Forest Buko Pandan
Cafe latte Cappuccino
Choco Truffles Chocolate
New Choco Moo Cookies & Cream
Double Dutch Mango
Melon Mocha
Rocky Road New Choco Crunch
Ube White Chocolate
New Choco Kisses New Chocolate Mint
Vanilla Watermelon