Miguelito’s International Corporation As a Sole Proprietorship in year 2002, They started the soft ice cream business infront of their Barbershop and LPG store, which they called Miguelito's Ice Cream. Since they saw the potential of the soft ice cream concept business, they started trading the ice cream machines and ice cream premixes. The following year they developed their own formulation of 25 creamy and delicious flavors of soft ice cream premixes. The business became known in manufacturing "Miguelitos Ice Cream Premix" for their own brand of Miguelitos Ice Cream Franchise concept. Their ice cream franchise concept has grown and expanded nationwide in the Philippines, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Presently, the company, Miguelito's International Corporat ion has developed 8 more food cart concepts for franchising, namely; Miguelitos Fried Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Pearl, Churros City, Mini Donut Factory, Jian Kang Noodles, Koyaki Takoyaki Japanese Balls, Waffle Island and Hot Pandesal. Miguelito's as a manufacturing company also developed their own profile in "Food Service Products" now also distributed in the market nationwide.