Where We Started

As a Sole Proprietorship in year 2002, They started the soft ice cream business infront of their Barbershop and LPG store, which they called Miguelito's Ice Cream. Since they saw the potential of the soft ice cream concept business, they started trading the ice cream machines and ice cream premixes. The following year they developed their own formulation of 25 creamy and delicious flavors of soft ice cream premixes. The business became known in manufacturing "Miguelitos Ice Cream Premix" for their own brand of Miguelitos Ice Cream Franchise concept. Their ice cream franchise concept has grown and expanded nationwide in the Philippines, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Presently, the company, Miguelito's International Corporation has developed 8 more food cart concepts for franchising, namely; Miguelitos Fried Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Pearl, Churros City, Mini Donut Factory, Jian Kang Noodles, Koyaki Takoyaki Japanese Balls, Waffle Island and Hot Pandesal. Miguelito's as a manufacturing company also developed their own profile in "Food Service Products" now also distributed in the market nationwide. An inspiring story of perseverance and success! It was the year 1997 when thelovely, young couple Marlon and Michelle tied the knot. They had a simple life in Paco, Manila and after a year, they were blessed with a healthy baby boy and named him Miguel. The first period of their marriage was not easy for them. As newlyweds, they went through tough times and hardships. But they didn’t let these difficulties stop them from dreaming a good life and a bright future for their family. Michelle, being smart and resourceful, didn’t just let herself become a plain housewife who will only wait for her husband to come home from work. Entrepreneurs are born and it definitely runs in her blood. She became determined on how she can help Marlon earn for their living. The couple started a small LPG business. It was not an easy start for them because many discouraged them on going about this kind of business. Some were saying that it was not a good idea to make a business out of flammable objects; especially they are in a residential area. But they bravely faced it all and took everything as a challenge. Michelle was restless, aside from LPG; she also sold roasted chicken; had a mini-burger and ice-cream shop and converted a part of their place into a barbershop which they named Catkohermo. While Michelle manages their small business, Marlon works as a bank credit investigator. A former bank manager once advised them: "You should not allow yourself to be a bank employee for a span of time, if you have the money and the opportunity, go on and start your own business. Look at me, I dedicated my life and contributed so much in the bank during my employment and yet here I am in your office being checked about my credit standings”. This inspired Marlon to strive and put up their own business using their savings. The couple started working on their research as to what type of business is sure hit in the market. The search was rather difficult. They got lucky one day, when they attended an ice cream exhibit and saw the opportunity to invest in an ice cream machine. Though Michelle was hesitant at first because they didn’t have Php280, 000.00 to invest in this kind of business, she knew that it is the best one for them. She bargained with the Chinese businessman to pay the machine in installment basis and fortunately, he agreed and favored their request. This is when the couple’s business venture began to take off. After a short period of six months, they were so surprised that they already received the return of their investment. readmore